Become A Partner

Partners get exclusive access to MedalBot and all it's features with unlimited usage. Partner communities will get cool flare on Medal, and they can compete against other communities on Medal Social. Our Partner Program is still being formed, and we are looking for content creators, community leaders, and anyone else who wants to help us grow!

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Partner Program

You can apply to become a Partner to join our Partner Program.
Our Partner Program includes:

  • Early-Access Testing

    Medal Partners automatically get early-access testing for new features and updates, which can also extend to your users! Your users can get to test cool features before they go live.

  • MedalBot Premium

    Add MedalBot to your Discord server for black magic tricks. Submit clips straight from Discord, stream music, twitch streams, and more with MedalBot. Partners get all access to every feature with unlimited usage.

  • Social Competition

    Your community can compete against others by submitting hot content! Users can earn Medals for your community and win cool things for everyone by ranking high on Medal Social.

  • Future Partner Revenue

    With MedalBot added to your Discord and traffic coming from your community, you will be able to monetize off of your members' content. When your members' clips go trending, you can earn some m4d d0ll4z. This will be launched as Medal Monetize when our Partner Program fills up.

  • Priority Submissions

    Partners will have their submissions and uploads bumped to the top of the queue, along with their community's. Partners and their members will have minimal wait times for clip uploads.

  • Eternal Gratitude

    For helping Medal grow we will be forever grateful. We look forward to working closely with our Partners for feedback and advice to help shape our Partner Program and our community as a whole.

Do You Want In?

Our Partner Program is still being formed and we are looking for new Partners at this time! If you are interested, please join our Discord and contact @Galkon#0051.

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